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    NaturalAPG 1214/lauryl glucoside/CAS:110615-47-9
    Chemical description
    C12 – C14 fatty alcohol glucoside
    Labeling information
    INCI name: Lauryl Glucoside
    CAS-No.: 110615-47-9
    Formula : C18H36O6
    Purity: >50%
    Species: nonionic surfactant
    Appearance: Light yellow liquid
    Synonyms: APG1214, 1200UP, Lauryl Glucoside, lauryl myristyl glucoside, lauryl glycoside lauryl polyglucoside, lauryl polyglucose
    Product properties
    Appearance: slightly cloudy and viscous liquid
    Physical properties:
    Solid Content(%) 50.0-52.0
    Water (wt %) 48.0-50.0
    pH Value (20% aq.) 11.5-12.5
    Free Alcohol (wt %) 1max
    Viscosity (mPa·s), 40°C 2000-4000
    Ash (wt %) 3max
    Product guidance
    Example of use: Laundry Detergents, Liquid Hand Dish Detergents, I&I Cleaners: NATURALAPG 1214 is well suited for laundry applications, where micellar solubilization, emulsification and detergency are required. These alkyl polyglucoside surfactants function as conventional non-ionic surfactants, but are easy to formulate because they do not exhibit a gel phase upon dilution. NATURALAPG 1214 is soluble and stable in liquid formulations containing high levels of builders and electrolytes. Also, these alkyl polyglucoside surfactants are compatible, and in some cases synergistic, with enzymes, optical brighteners, and other surfactants, including cationics.
    Liquid Hand Dish Detergents: In products such as liquid hand dish detergent, where high foaming and good detergency are required, NATURALAPG 1214 provides excellent performance coupled with outstanding mildness to skin.
    Storage and transportation
    NATURALAPG 1214 can be stored in sealed original containers protected from frost and below 43°C for at least 1 years.
    Maximum Storage Temperature – When heating, avoid prolonged localized temperatures exceeding 43℃ to avoid possible product discoloration. Use tempered water when possible. Low pressure steam is acceptable if the product is monitored regularly. For easier handling the product can be warmed up to max. 50℃ for a short duration without influence onto the product specification.
    If the product is stored at temperatures below 38℃ crystallization may occur. Depending on the storage time sedimentation may occur. Therefore, the product should be heated and stirred until uniform before use. NATURALAPG 1214 has a high pH-value and for this reason the product contains no preservatives.
    Bulk storage material – IBC, 200L normal drum or open head drum.
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