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    SHANGHAI BELLTRONIC WIRE & CABLE MATERIAL CO., LTD. On the basis of more than 10 year’s experience in the cable industries, we have established long-term and reliable relationships with our client. To meet the needs of global markets, we are firmly committed to providing you with superior products, competitive price and the best services.
    Our Product
    Mainly products are:Aluminium clad steel wire stranded,Galvanized steel wire stranded & series products,Galvanized stee tape,all kinds of water blocking tape,mica tape etc.
    Copper Tape
    Copper Clad Steel Wire
    Water Blocking Yarn
    Galvanized steel strand wire
    Galvanized Steel Tape
    Mica Tape
    Product Application
    Materials, Tools, & Machinery for cable industries.
    Our factory
    Cable Material Factory
    Cable Material Manufacturers
    Cable Material Suppliers
    China Cable Material Factory
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