Jennifer Ahmed was born in Butte, Montana, in August 1987. She attended The University Of Houston Downtown, where she studied International Business and created the university’s first Varsity Cheerleading Squad.  In her College Years In Houston, Jennifer immersed himself in the Houston Nightlife scene, and as a Nightlife Personality and Facebook Video Blogger, she climbed the ladder of success to Houston’s hottest entertainment scene. This caught the attention of CEO of F5 Financial Inc.,  and Jennifer After Dark Co-Star Jim Butler, and shortly after their first date and falling for each other, Jennifer moved to Downtown Houston and became host the Houston’s  ‘Jennifer After Dark.’ The show was a smash hit on Facebook and YouTube and put Jennifer and Jim’s faces on Thousands of Screens Worldwide. The remarkable and show-stopping success of Jennifer After Dark early on has brought incredible attention due to the show only in its beginning stages of filming their first season, with new ventures including an upcoming Live Radio Show hosted by world-renowned DJ and Producer Ray Ramirez, and a partnership with London resident and CEO of Muusic. Fm London Paul Cartwright.
Jennifer After Dark, though only in early stages, has set a new standard that really mirrors the outstanding beauty and worldwide love and unity it has for mankind. Coexisting, Fellowship, Unity, Positive Vibes, and Equality are what Jennifer After Dark bases their cast and crew on. The series will feature popular Local, Regional, National and Worldwide Rap, Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, and Dubstep Artists. The show will also capture Nightlife VIP parties and events.  Jennifer After Dark’s success is managed and head by the executive producer of Jennifer After Dark and CEO of A Far Sight Entertainment Russelle Avionn. The show also is accompanied by entertainment IT executive David Power and executive videographer Israel Marquez. Fellow cast members also include Shanna Jorgensen, Joe Barthol, Tarek Mousa, Tommy Smith, and Tyler Smith.
Jennifer After Dark’s theme song was written and produced by Houston Native and New York City Resident Sputnick Larkin. In March 2018, Shot Gun Styles Music, an EDM Heavy Bass Act from Brooklyn New York, who was recently signed to a significant EDM label, decided to take the Jennifer After Dark Theme Song ‘Like A Monster’ nationwide exposing millions of readers to the hot, Trap, chopped and screwed style of JAD.
Jennifer After Dark stands to be a huge hit, and with Jennifer and Jim, along with the show’s executive producer, the series has the potential to become the true tastemaker in the music and entertainment industry. With a cast and crew full of personalities, kindness, and class, Jennifer truly does stand out for her genuine sweetness and affection for everyone. Not to mention Jim’s handsome bodybuilding style and business finesse.
2018, to start the new year JAD will welcome the late nights,  which means that the guests will be diverse—from entertainment, sports and music—and it’ll be a place to catch some of the best.
‘Be positive, be kind, and most of all – be your self!’


Ms. Jennifer Jorgensen Ahmed
Jennifer After Dark